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Tierraluna, A New Concept

tierraluna by tafer resorts

Mauricio Montes de Oca, the Director of the Real Estate Division of TAFER Hotels & Resorts is excited to share with members that Tierraluna, a magical village located in the south of Puerto Vallarta, right in the heart of the Garza Blanca South Master Development, will soon be completed. It will be a place surrounded by mountains and sheltered by green tropical jungle, where everyone can gather together for social activities, yoga, food, and art.  


TAFER Hotels & Resorts is a luxury brand with an award-winning family of resorts that are characterized by their contemporary style, level of comfort, and quality of service. We are excited to introduce Tierraluna as the newest addition to our family, which will form a very important part of our Garza Blanca South Master Development.  

Tierraluna is an innovative concept that will provide beautiful outdoor spaces allowing people to connect in a natural environment. It is the place where adventure lovers can explore wild landscapes. 

Two rivers flow down to Tierraluna, passing through two large natural pools, where you can enjoy the freshness of the mountain and sunbathe on terraces made of natural materials. The rivers will continue on their way forming beautiful waterfalls where they will meet and continue towards the sea. In the middle of this paradise, there will be zen-like indoor and outdoor spaces designed for the practice of Yoga. It will also be a place where our Mexican traditions and customs come to life opening the opportunity for the local community to offer their art and local organic products with nine boutiques where visitors can buy natural products for the body, jewelry from local designers, artisan handicrafts, ceramics, gifts, and avant-garde clothing. It will also feature four restaurants with gastronomic offerings from renowned chefs. Menus will feature fresh local ingredients and flavorful international cuisine. 

Tierraluna will add many aspects to our entertainment offering including  specialized workshops and classes, a carousel, an outdoor theater, open-air art exhibitions, and art walks.  

Puerto Vallarta is a paradise of natural beauty ideal for weddings. Tierraluna offers a perfect space for your dream wedding. Celebrate life, love and togetherness at the Tierraluna Forum, an inviting environment where unforgettable moments can be created. 

Throughout the development of this project, we have put a lot of emphasis on the conservation of natural spaces ensuring that all vegetation is kept alive in nurseries and reforesting it in open spaces, to create a true natural oasis, which will undoubtedly be one of the most important attractions in this area.  

Reconnect with nature and captivate your senses at Tierraluna, an exceptional space in the heart of Garza Blanca.