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The Catch of the Day: Can’t Get Fresher!

Head to Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s stunning white sand beach for an opportunity to take part in Catch of the Day, a gourmet activity where Club Caribe members have the chance to enjoy, quite literally, the freshest meal around.

There is nothing more savory and succulent than a fresh seafood dish, prepared right before your eyes, by one of the resort’s master chefs. Stand witness as he concocts a traditional Mexican ceviche, using the freshest ingredients to create a mouth-watering dish for everyone to try.

The gourmet activity, one of many available at the resort dedicated to culinary arts, takes place once a week on Villa del Palmar Cancun’s beach. Local fishermen bring in the catch of the day as guests and members eagerly await the freshest catch around. Look on as one of our chefs chooses the ideal fish for the ceviche demonstration. You’ll be able to learn about his technique as he explains each step in the process and shows everyone how to clean, cut and combine each of the ingredients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and, more importantly, don’t be shy when he passes around a sample for everyone to try.

Take advantage of the fresh fish available for sale and pick up enough for dinner with family or friends.a family or friendly dinner for you and your travel companions. You can have your fish prepared however you’d like by one of the resort’s chefs and you can enjoy it whenever and wherever you choose. Opt for a delicious sashimi appetizer, a grilled butter or garlic fish for dinner, or simply ask the chef to suggest a flavorful preparation that might better suit your tastes.

As a Club Caribe member, you are welcome to participate in as many of Villa Del Palmar Cancun’s activities as you like. Try something new every day and experience the true enjoyment of being a member of one of the most exclusive clubs around.