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Alma Avila – Regional Director of Sales & Marketing


I am originally from Mexico City, where I studied until my university career. During the first semester of my Communications major (I share that it is easy for me to write!) we went on vacation, but what a vacation!! We truly never imagined what we would experience on that trip. We had an accident on the road – my parents, my sister and I – from Mexico City. We went to Morelia for my grandparents, but that time they did not want to go. The last thing I remember after the accident is to have woken up and I was the first of my family to react and the first thing I did was try to get them out. Fortunately no one lost their lives, but we had severe injuries. It was a very severe event. After the accident, months later we were still in Guerrero / Acapulco, the destination to which we initially headed to enjoy a family vacation.

Our family friends who lived in that destination and worked in the hotel business offered me a job in the hotel that they ran, to keep me occupied and help me to move on. That’s where I got to know the world of service. There I thought that maybe I had made a mistake studying “Communication Sciences” where my world was Journalism and TV production, but my mentor guided me and I remember that I was motivated to move forward with his advice. He advised me to finish my degree and later specialize in tourism, marketing management, sales for my Master’s.

My mom was always my promoter. She motivated me to keep going; she supported me in each and every one of my decisions. My parents always trusted and believed in me.

I did my internship in the hotel where the friends of my parents worked, and there I confirmed that my life would be that direction of sales, marketing, and public relations.

I went through many areas, many positions. One of them was sales assistant, where I learned a lot. I remember always seeing where I could help, learn and just confirm that it was where I wanted to specialize. Soon I became  Sales Manager of Tour & Travel. Later they sent me to a training in Chicago. After that, I returned to Mexico City with the position of Assistant Manager of Sales, and later they sent me to Cancun as a Manager of Groups and Conventions, another segment that I was interested in learning because it was more operational. I share with you that at 23 years of age I obtained the title of Sales Manager. A big challenge, yes!

I was in Hong Kong, where I was part of the task force team of the Department of Sales, and there strengthened my vocation. I participated in large and international chains such as Hilton, etc., contributing my skills in distribution, construction, remodeling, openings, etc.

At that point in my life I decide to put a stop to my work rhythm in the hotel part and that is when I set up my own digital marketing company, in love with everything that includes updating, improvements. In a short time we managed to grow, but after a few months I contacted the last company where I worked before joining Villa del Palmar Cancun who invited me to work, where several interesting projects were achieved. This is how my life has been, in the area of ​​service, in the world of strategy, which is truly something that I love without a doubt.

When did your passion for the world of service, sales and marketing begin?Definitely 30 years ago, when I started to have contact with the service industry. The world of hospitality is fascinating, it is definitely my passion. There are always things to improve, strategies to carry out, campaigns to carry out.

What do you recommend to your clients when they visit Cancun? To my colleagues who visit us, I share that we are still one of the premier tourist destinations in the world; let us surprise you! And we know that Mexicans show our love and care in everything we do! I have not seen it in another country. Mi casa es tu casa – my house is your house.

What do you enjoy doing during your free time? I love going to the movies. I like scary movies, suspense. I also like to go to the beach but curiously not to swim, but to contemplate the immensity, the majesty of the sea!

What inspired you to come to work at Villa del Palmar Cancun? It is an opportunity to continue contributing and doing what I like the most: “to provide service, create quality strategies and continue to develop professionally.” I love thinking that it is my time to contribute and share my experience.