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Carlos Miranda – Butler at Hotel Mousai


This month we are starting a series on Hotel Mousai, in order to better acquaint members with Villa del Palmar’s sister resort. Remember, your Club Caribe membership gives you access to Hotel Mousai as well, so why not consider booking your next Puerto Vallarta vacation at Hotel Mousai!

To kick of the series, we interviewed Carlos Miranda, superstar Butler at Hotel Mousai. You can find Carlos at the front desk, where he is happy to help out with any of your needs or requests. Carlos has an interesting story. When I met him, he was all smiles and eager to tell me about his life, and about what a Butler actually does.

Carlos, please tell me about your background.

I was born in Puerto Vallarta, and I grew up here until I was 20 years old. Then, I had the chance to move to the United States I lived there for 8 years, and during that time, I traveled a lot in Nevada, California, and Washington State.

I came back to Puerto Vallarta because I missed my family. I went to college here in Puerto Vallarta at Centro Universitario de la Costa (CUC). I finished university and law school there, and I became a lawyer.

I practiced law here in Vallarta for a couple of years. I worked in the criminal courthouse, but then I realized that wasn’t really what I wanted to do. I still wanted to practice law but not for the government, I wanted to be in the private sector and help people in a bigger way.

I found out that I love to help people – that’s why I became a lawyer –  but I found out that this passion fits well with the position of Butler in the hospitality sector as well. You tend to care a lot about people and their issues and their problems.

My family has a long history of working in the tourism industry. My grandmother and my aunts have supported the family by working in hotels, for many years. When I was a child, I had a chance to go and help them in their work.

I decided to learn English starting from 18 years old, in order to communicate better with people.

After I finished working fo the criminal courthouse I decided to enjoy my time more. I looked for a position that gives me the freedom to help people, and I also decided to travel around the world. The world is too big to stay in one place. I made up my mind that one of my goals was to see the New 7 Wonders of the World (Chichen Itza, the Roman Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, the Christ the Redeemer monument in Rio de Janeiro, and Petra in Jordan), and I just recently finished seeing them all.


Tell me about what Butlers do.

Butlers are in charge of planning people’s vacations and assisting them once they are here. We contact the guests before arrival to see if they have special needs or requests. If they are celebrating something like a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, we can make sure they have champagne in their room upon arrival, or decorate their room with rose petals. We try to make their experience as memorable as possible for them. We help them with dinner reservations, spa appointments, activities, tours, whatever they like to do while they are here, both in the city, and in the hotel. We make sure everything is done in the proper way for them, fulfilling the 5 Diamond standard of the world class hotel that we are here at Hotel Mousai. We schedule things like room cleaning, room service, laundry, shoe shine, and packing and unpacking of their belongings. The idea is to provide absolute service, so the guest can just relax and never has to lift a finger during his or her vacation. It is a very luxury service, and very nice to take advantage of such a service that only top quality luxury resorts provide.

Butlers provide more personal service even than Concierges. The Concierges are here to serve all of the guests, but Butlers are  assigned one specific person and relate to that person only. So the butler has the whole picture of that particular guest’s stay at Hotel Mousai. The Butler is someone you can trust to take care of all of your individual needs during your stay. Our goal is to go far and beyond what the guest expects to fulfill their needs, their dreams.

Tell me about Hotel Mousai.

Hotel Mousai is like a big family. Everyone here is like family. We spend so much time together here at work, even more than at our own houses, and we get to know each other well. The hotel has high quality service. Staff here are here because they care about the guests, not only as s guests but as family members. Becoming a member here is a great achievement for all of us it means we are doing the job the right way, the right direction. My position gives me the freedom to help people in so many ways, to surprise them, to really feel like I’m part of their vacations and their family.

I also love Hotel Mousai mousai because the managers here really do care about the staff, and that’s very important to me. They don’t see us as just a tool but as an important part of the company.

“Service is something that you cannot fake. It’s either you like it or you don’t. And if you like it, working for TAFER Resorts is the right place for you.”


How do you surprise the guests

If I know that my guests are coming to celebrate honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, I try to do something extra for them. Maybe decorate their rooms, or leave a personal note, or something to let them know that they are important and we care about their special occasion and that they are spending time with us. Their choice to visit Hotel Mousai is a big honor for us.

Why should a Club Caribe member book at Hotel Mousai?

Mousai is the place to fully and completely relax, to enjoy your time, to have a unique experience. We are the only 5 Diamond hotel in the state of Jalisco, and we are very proud to say that. The service will exceed their expectations. They will be like family and see how much they mean to us.

We have very unique rooms here at Hotel Mousai. The rooms are more edgy, more modern, and with more technology. Everything in the room is controlled by an iPad: the curtains, the lights, the TV. You can be anywhere in the room and still control those things with the iPad. The beds are super comfortable. The balcony is to die for. The jacuzzi on the balcony has a spectacular view of Banderas Bay and the sunsets. We have the best bathrobes. Everyone wants to buy our bathrobes! They don’t even care about the price!

We have the best pool in Puerto Vallarta, on the roof. The location of Hotel Mousai could hardly be any better, being in the jungle, on top of the ocean. At Mousai you can enjoy yourself better than any other place. Plus remember if you come to Mousai, you will have access to Garza Blanca’s facilities as well, since the two resorts share parts of the property. We will treat the members like family, no matter who they are. Whatever they want, we are here to please them.

Tell me about some of the facilities that are exclusive to Hotel Mousai.

Access to The Rooftop is exclusive for guests of Hotel Mousai during the day; the pool and the food and beverage service is only for Mousai. Breakfast at The Terrace is also exclusively for guests of Mousai.


What new things are coming at Hotel Mousai?

The new Hotel Mousai Tower 2 is coming soon in the next couple of years. It’s going to be an extension of Mousai. Tower 2 will also have a Rooftop and a very nice high end Chinese restaurant, similar to how we have restaurant Hiroshi now at Hotel Mousai, but Chinese instead of Japanese cuisine.

What would you like to say to the members?

Give us the opportunity to serve you, to help you, to be part of your lives and we will really appreciate the opportunity. If you decide to come, you won’t’ regret it. We are going to make sure you have the time of your life. Everyone will treat you with so much respect and love that you will always want to come back. We have the highest standard of service.