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Dennise Bernal – Purchasing Manager

Dennise Bernal is the Manager of the Department of Purchases at Villa Del Palmar Cancun. Our Communications Manager, Gabriela Uribe caught up with her and asked Dennise to share a little bit about herself and her role at Villa Del Palmar Cancun.


Dennise a thousand thanks for your time today. I would love to know a little about you.


I have been living in Cancun for 6 and a half years. I love it although I confess that I never thought about leaving Vallarta, but the opportunity to grow professionally took place and here we are learning many things every day.

I am originally from Guadalajara, but I moved to Puerto Vallarta when I was 4 years old, so I am “pata salada” (as the people of Vallarta are called). I am a happy, optimistic, friendly person.

I am very close with my family. We are 5 siblings in total, and I am the middle child. Something that characterizes my family is that we are very united in spite of the distance between us. We visit each other often. Fortunately technology has helped unite the family, because it helps us not feel the distance so much.

I like to participate in a lot of outdoor sports, such as playing soccer, basketball, running, and riding a bicycle. It helps me to stay active.

When did you start to realize your passion for the world of service?


When I was 12 years old, I started working in a mini-supermarket, where I was in charge of the store and I discovered that I love serve to people and I have a passion for business administration as well.  


It’s something that was very fulfilling to me, and continues to fulfill me to this day. I enjoy working with customers and suppliers, to ensure that they are satisfied. I do it with joy, always giving the best of me.

What does it feel like to be the Manager of a Department as important as the Dept. of Purchases in a large hotel such as Villa Del Palmar Cancun?


Go figure! (smile) The position is a great responsibility. The name says a lot. It’s a commitment to have everything in order (orders, articles, products) but, it also gives a lot of satisfaction. There is an opportunity for a lot of learning, attending to internal and external customers, knowing people, suppliers, refining negotiation skills, keeping us at the forefront, etc., and this makes us advance as a team.

I feel committed to my team, to providing constant training related to the area, to staying at the forefront and ensuring we all go forward and achieve the common goal. It is a unique opportunity! I love my work!!


Even though your work is your passion, what do you do on your off time to revitalize yourself?


I love reading. I read topics related to motivation, spirituality. I always love to keep my mind fresh. Exercising really revitalizes me. I practice yoga.

I also like to enjoy a delicious dinner with my family or friends. I enjoy spending time with them. It fills me with energy.


How do you change or improve an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one?


I love to surprise my colleagues with small details, always be aware of their needs, build trust in the team, encouraging them to continue giving the best of themselves with their service, attention, and dedication. They reflect this in the attention they give to their clients, our guests. My team members have the ability to collaborate together with the whole hotel, to be part of creating good experiences and good memories for the guests, so we are always looking for the opportunity to surprise guests with creative ideas.

What inspired you to come to work at Villa Del Palmar Cancun?


I undertook this adventure for professional growth. It’s been an experience that has given me an enormous learning opportunity, and I appreciate having taken it.

At first this opportunity was a personal challenge because it was the moment in which I decided to become independent, always previously counting on the unconditional support of my family. And here I am, very happy and continuing to learn.

I have been with the company for 17 years. I have been part of the growth of the company and many different projects. Villa Del Palmar Cancun is very enriching for everything that develops around it. I am proud to be part of the Leaders Team of the Hotel Villa Del Palmar Cancun.