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Karina Cruz – Wedding Coordinator

Karina, thank you for your time. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Villahermosa, Tabasco. I am very happy with everything I have done and do now, I have been living in Cancun for 6 years now! A place without equal, a place with many opportunities! Coming to Cancun was an excellent and important decision in my life which has opened many doors and allowed me to continue adding personal experience and developing professionally.


I came looking for new opportunities, I ventured, but always trusting that I would find my “opportunity”, to grow in my field and gain experience in what I love so much: logistics, coordination of groups, weddings in one of the tourist destinations and most important wedding destinations!


I confess at first it was not so easy because I certainly had a plan outlined, I set myself a time to find work and settle down, otherwise fulfilling that time if I did not have what I thought, I would go back to my city, with only a few days left to fulfill said time in my plan was that they spoke to me to be part of the work team in the wedding area to which I belonged 6 years. After that I collaborated in an Association in which I learned many things, where I also confess that I went down to the rhythm of work, of stress that I had in my previous work because of its nature was more accelerated.


This opportunity to be part of the Villa del Palmar Cancun team came at the best moment, I consider that we all have cycles and here we start one! I am very happy to return to the hotel, I am in the area of sales, and that is what I am passionate about, generating and closing business!


As an additional I consider myself a fan of training crossfit and an additional bonus, laughs. My second profession is Singer, I am a baladista, nowadays I do not practice it, my last work in this field was in the musical work that was presented here in Cancun in December last year entitled “Dream” a Disney play.

Karina, when did you discover your passion for the world of service, for the world of WEDDINGS?

Definitely since I was at the University, I studied “Management of tourism companies” and it was there that in one of the subjects I talked about about expos, groups and I called attention the planning part, the logistics of events, what is behind, so that the final client obtains it, “a service of excellence”, I was always clear that when I left school I wanted to venture into the world of events and service. It was immediately because in December 2009 I graduated and in February of the following year I started working in the field, which until now I am passionate about “Events” … in the operative part, there I confirm my passion for serving, I enjoy the power to create experiences, be aware of their needs. Exceeding your expectations

What do you recommend to the guests, to the future husbands & wives when they visit Cancun?

First of all that they relax, they are already in Cancun! Enjoy every moment! It is unique and unrepeatable. Long live destiny, discover every place you visit. Our destiny is full of great riches without equal. Let them indulge and surprise, to live their day!


How do you change or improve an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one?

I have a theory, those of us who work in this industry, develop skills with the passage of our experience, well they say that women have a sixth sense, that is where I put it into practice! Go further, discover my guest, take into account every detail that is mentioned by the couple, by my client and make it happen without you expecting it! Make the event mine. Undoubtedly in Villa del Palmar Cancun you will find extraordinary experiences!

In my interview with a colleague of yours, I explained about the WOW effect. How do you create wows in the guests, in the bride and groom?

Taking into account all the information that my clients gave me, not losing any detail, that’s where I have the opportunity to surprise them, I like to be a retailer from the welcome card to a smile of complicity with my partners “future spouses!” Is simply Go ahead and do something they want without you having to ask.


Throughout your career could you share with us what has been the most curious, strange, crazy, risky request that you have made?

I remember a risky occasion, because everything was planned to be a wedding outside, in the beach area, but that day did not stop raining. The bride told us she wanted, no matter what, outside her wedding outside, at “the beach” we ran like never before, getting the “B” plan renting a tent, waiting for our different suppliers to have one available, etc. We were on the edge of all emotion! Nerves, pressure, joy! Fortunately in the afternoon at the time of the wedding it was no longer raining! The best of everything and priceless is the satisfaction of our guests!


What inspired you to come to work at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

Return to the operation! To be in contact with the client, to see everything that is planned and printed on paper and to see it take place! It’s something that fills me very much. The knowledge that is a Mexican company, the value to the colleague that is given to us, is important. You know when I visited Cancun, I said I would like to know this hotel inside, I only knew it on the internet. And look, now I am part of this excellent team!