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Meet Nahum Montero, Your Quality Control Manager at Villa del Palmar Cancun

Originally from Yanga, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, a small municipality with around 1,200 inhabitants, Nahum Montero grew up in a warm and friendly community that is famed for being the first place in Mexico to be liberated from the Spanish and founded by African slaves who rebelled against both the crown and slavery. The youngest of three siblings, he grew up in a happy home which provided him with the unconditional support he needed to launch his career. Take a look at what he had to share with members about his life and work at Villa del Palmar Cancun.

When did your passion for the world of quality and service begin?

I discovered my passion when I was studying for a degree in Tourism Management and Development, which included a course on quality and all of the related programs such as ISO, CRISTAL, Distinctive H and AAA, as well as other environmental programs. I had the opportunity for work experience while I was studying, too, which introduced me to various different departments such as quality, hygiene, housekeeping etc. After my studies, I began working in hotels professionally and was involved in environmental programs and certifications such as Earth Check, Travel, Green Globe, Hotel Amigo de la Tortuga and Martí.

How do you feel about being the Quality Manager at the hotel?

It is a great opportunity both professionally and personally. It brings me so much pleasure to be part of the team here as we seek to obtain all of the highest certifications, which in turn bring the highest levels of satisfaction and excellent service for our members and guests. I feel I have been able to contribute my knowledge about the development and improvement of the procedures we have in place related to quality: quality of service, standards, guest satisfaction, services to employees, systems operation, evaluation of personnel and more. The projects I attend to in the Quality Department with my colleagues are ambitious and affect all departments, such as updating, developing and improving the operation and admin manuals. I feel very happy because even after just one year with the company we have been able to increase our satisfaction index, working together as a team throughout the company to reach the same goals. We are always looking for ways to improve the experiences our members and guests have.

How does your role contribute to making ordinary experiences extraordinary for members?

I like to think that our members who come back time and again to the resort are able to notice the quality of the services we offer and all the improvements we make on a constant basis. The idea is that they do not see what goes on behind the scenes but that they are able to notice the effects which are all aimed to guarantee an extraordinary experience. Those wow moments can be noticed in the details and the extra effort we make to create unique experiences for our members.


What inspired you to join the team at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

Firstly, I have to admit that knowing I would be working for a Mexican company had a lot to do with me deciding to work at Villa del Palmar Cancun. I am proud to contribute to the success of a “home-grown” project. Secondly I remember that one of my mentors always told me: success is preparation and opportunity. I knew that the perfect opportunity would come when I was ready. It seemed that the opportunity came at just the right time for me. This offer gave me the strength to stay in Mexico because, I must confess, that my plans were to emigrate. I feel very fortunate to be part of this project.

Unlike many people who enjoy exercising for pleasure, I have become a fan of triathlon events, pushing myself as far as I can physically. I became passionate about triathlon when I was recovering from an injury. Now I train in my free time, running two or three times a week, preparing for specific goals; for example, I have a 10km race on December 30th.