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Meet Your New Staff at Garza Blanca Los Cabos: Javier Garcia, Member Services Manager

The ladies in the Member Services office at Garza Blanca Puerto Vallarta tell me that Javier Garcia is a real Casanova, but he was a little bit shy and reserved when speaking to me for this interview. Javier is serious and modest, brushing off his accomplishments as I asked him to talk about his background. The truth is he’s a rising star at Garza Blanca on the Membership side, and he has just recently earned a promotion that is taking him from Puerto Vallarta all the way to Los Cabos.


Javier was born in Mexico City and did his undergraduate studies in Puerto Vallarta in the field of Business Administration. He then went on to law school in Spain, where he earned his master’s degree in law from Complutense University of Madrid, which is one of the oldest universities in the world and one of the largest in Europe.

He returned to Puerto Vallarta, armed with his new law degree, and he started working at Garza Blanca in January of 2015. With his undergrad degree in administration and his master’s in law, he was perfectly suited to working in the legal side of the Member Services team.


Javier started out as a contract assistant. He was in charge of reviewing contracts at the time of a sale, to make sure all of the information was correct when a new member purchased a unit at Garza Blanca. It was his job to dot the i’s and cross the t’s: check the price, check the points, check and double check every detail of the contract with a fine tooth comb and a legal eye.


This job is extremely important to members; it is very important to have someone with legal knowledge reviewing each contract, making sure there are no discrepancies or errors.


Javier did a great job as a contract assistant, and he was promoted to contract supervisor. This position gave him additional responsibilities such as reviewing contracts for sales at Villa del Palmar Cancun, and checking to make sure that financial transactions were explicated correctly.


Javier’s years of study in administration and law helped him to rise up quickly through the ranks of the Garza Blanca sales administration team, and the positions he has held have made him an expert in all the details of member contracts.


Now, he is the perfect person to answer any questions that members have about their membership or their contracts, and this is why he’s moving to Los Cabos to serve as the Member Services Manager for the brand new Garza Blanca Los Cabos.


As Member Services Manager, Javier will be able to answer all of your questions and handle any issues that may arise.

“When members have some issue with their membership, for example registration or contract points, I am the one to help them sort it out,” said Javier. “I am always checking if everything is ok with the members, and attending the members if they have any questions about their membership.”


Javier mentioned some of the most common questions he receives include:

  • How can I make a reservation?
  • How can I make a reservation at the new Garza Blanca in Los Cabos?
  • Can I travel to Cancun with my membership?
  • How many points do I have?
  • What can I book with my points?
  • What promotions do I have access to?
  • What is the price and how much am I saving?


Javier is an expert about the ins and outs of membership, and how the points system works. He’s like a walking FAQ page, so don’t hesitate to ask him! When you’re in Los Cabos, make sure to stop by the Member Services desk to say hello and make him feel welcome!


“I am feeling nervous and excited at the same moment,” Javier said. “I have traveled to Los Cabos for vacation, but never lived there. Everything is going to be new for me. I need to do some research and prepare myself for life in this new city.”