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Meet Your New Staff at Garza Blanca Los Cabos: Ximena Espindola, Head VLO

Members work closely with the Verification Loan Officer (VLO) and their team during and after purchasing. In this month’s newsletter we dive a little deeper into the life of one superstar VLO who recently moved from Villa Del Palmar Cancun to the new Garza Blanca Los Cabos.


Ximena is passionate about her job, and how she interacts with members.

“As VLOs, we represent the developer and we also represent the member. We try to make sure when a member purchases a membership they understand everything they’re getting, and they feel comfortable and happy with their membership,” Ximena said. “We make sure everything they were promised is in the contract. Our goal is to make sure that their membership is affordable and it brings them joy in their vacation. We also follow up after with members after their purchase if they have questions, if they need any help. For example, we point them in the right direction when they need to make a reservation, when they need to make payments, if they need to set up a different payment plan, we help them with everything until they are fully comfortable with the ins and outs of their membership and are good to go on their own.”


Ximena was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos and lived most of her life in Cancun, since the age of eight. She is very close with her mother and sister.


“My mother taught me how to work, to earn what I want in life. My first job was at the age of 16 and since that moment I didn’t stop, i just kept working and working. I’m thankful for that and very grateful to my mother because she always pushed me. I am where I am today because of her.”


Ximena earned her university degree in architecture and design, but when she finished, she realized this was more of a hobby than a job that she wanted to do every day.


“I started working in sales because I like to talk to people and point them in the right direction when they want to make purchase,” Ximena said. “Whether they want to purchase something to wear, or make a large investment.”


With her newfound passion and enthusiasm for sales, Ximena started her new career at Villa Del Palmar Cancun three and a half years ago. She was in charge of giving tours of the property to guests interested in becoming members.


After one year, she saw an opening in the position of VLO, and she jumped at the chance to apply.


“I got the opportunity and I’ve been a VLO for the past 2 years now,” she said.

VLOs must go through a rigorous training program provided by the company, to learn all of the ins and outs of membership, contracts, and everything they need to know for this highly specialized position. I asked Ximena what special qualities she has that have enabled her to learn quickly and move up so quickly within the company.


“I’ve been very focused on my job and what I want to become, and I just don’t stop. The growth that I’ve been achieving within the company is because I don’t stop, I always keep learning,” Ximena acknowledged her own talent, but then shared the credit with the company at large.  “This company pushes talented people forward. They will never say no; they always let you grow in the company. There is always opportunity for growing, and that’s why I stick to it, because I’m growing so much even though I’m so young. I’m very happy with this company because it has that human touch. They haven’t forgotten that part how it is to start from zero, so that’s why I like this company so much.”


Because of her hard work and dedication, Ximena was given the opportunity to transfer with a promotion to Head VLO of the brand new Garza Blanca Resort & Spa in Los Cabos, which had its soft opening on December 15, 2018 and is open to the public as of January 15, 2019.


New members will interface directly with Ximena while they’re purchasing, and she will follow up with new members and current members alike who have any questions. “I always call the members who need a follow up, and my goal is to provide excellent customer service so they don’t feel like they’re by themselves. They have me here to answer their questions and help them out in any way they need.”  


“I would like to tell the members that we are very focused on our work to make them happy. When you take vacation you want to feel relaxed, to enjoy the ride. Our mission and our job is just to make that happen. We also work tirelessly to ensure that the money that our members invest is well spent. We want to provide them with a really pretty vacation at a really pretty resort with good quality that they can’t find at home.


“Everybody has their eyes on the new Garza Blanca Resort here in Los Cabos, because it’s such a pretty resort. We want to invite our members to come to the resort and to enjoy it up close, to see how pretty it is, and see the rooms, how different they are.


“Right now we have the ocean right in front of us. You can see the whales coming by. You can see the manta rays jumping out of the water. In the very early morning you can see the most beautiful sunrise; they are very bright. The quality of the rooms are such a luxury for the members. We have the latest technology. The curtains close automatically with a remote, we have bathtubs in every single bathroom and electronic toilets in every single restroom.


“I would like to invite the members to come to Garza Blanca Los Cabos, to see how pretty it is to have their vacation here with us, and give us the chance to wow them.


I asked Ximena how does she and her team provide “wow factor” to members and guests at Garza Blanca Los Cabos.


“Everything is about service, from the first impression you have when you come into the resort. We offer you a fresh beverage after maybe you had a long flight. The concierge is always there help you to book the things you would like to do during your stay. The staff always says good morning, good afternoon. All of those little things make the guests and members feel warm and welcome. This is how we provide the “wow factor” to the members and all of the guests.”


The next time you are at Garza Blanca Los Cabos, be sure to say hi to Ximena and her team in the sales office! She will be delighted to receive you.