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Recounting 2018: A Message From Our General Manager

The new year has arrived and with it many memories! Many achievements, much learning and above all, growth of our people.

2018 has been a year full of challenges, and it fills me with pride to share that we have reached the goals we had set for ourselves in the satisfaction of our guests, which is what we try to maintain here, and this motivates us to continue making this place a real second home for each person who visits us.

We had important investment projects that reaffirm the commitment of the TAFER group and Villa del Palmar Cancún to continue maintaining the property, keeping it updated and in the best possible condition; The remodeling of all our studio-type rooms to condition them according to AAA standards in the category of 4 diamonds, the replacement of 60% of the custom manufactured mattresses for TAFER group, the creation of a new area to provide greater comfort in our pools called “ZAK”, the complete remodeling of the Davino restaurant and the total change of furniture in our restaurant Caprichos, just to name a few.

The growth of our people is, without a doubt, a fundamental part of our foundations, it is what makes it possible to create a true community of committed colleagues. The impact we had on professional growth this year was truly spectacular and I give thanks for having the opportunity to be part of this beautiful process, that is to see people grow and meet their personal goals, which gives meaning to what we do.


In 2018 we made a total of 93 promotions; 71 of positions in line staff, 14 to supervision and area heads, 5 to operations committee, and 3 to executive committee.

As part of an ecological action, we have joined the global campaign to eliminate the use of straws in our hotel. This small action together with many hotels in the area will bring a significant change in reducing the pollution of our seas and as well as the risk it represents for many marine species.


Now that I have shared a part of what happened in 2018, I would like us to visualize together the beginning of one more year, which will undoubtedly be a successful year. I invite you to continue offering us your valuable comments, your feedback is of vital importance for our continued growth and success.


I am very proud of the team that I count on, and I am very honored to be the leader of this Hotel where the affection of each and every one of us who work here to enjoy it together is reflected.


My family and I wish that you have a successful 2019, that joy, tranquility and health embrace your homes!


2019 – we are ready!


Your friend always,

Juan Carlos Gonzalez