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Ricardo Umbral – General Controller

Ricardo Umbral - General Controller

Tell us something about your professional history.

I was born and raised in Mexico City. After that, I moved to Puerto Vallarta and lived there for 6 years.

I earned my degree in Public Accounting from the Politecnico Institute in Mexico, in the “ESCA” section, which is the section of commerce and administration.

In 1999 I submitted my job request to the American Chamber, and after that I was called for an interview at the hotel Sheraton Maria Isabel, a very iconic hotel at that time. I was offered a job at the hotel in a position called Accounting Analyst. During that time, I had the opportunity to get involved in multiple areas that allowed me to grow within the same company, and finally I was able to get a mid-executive position as subcontroller overseeing the centralized services of the tax division in Mexico.

My first executive position as General Controller was at the Sheraton Santa Fe in Mexico City. After that, I had a horizontal promotion and moved to Puerto Vallarta to work for St. Regis Brand, where I was able to develop my skills and knowledge until I became the financial director for the brand in Mexico.

In 2018 Tafer Resorts offered me the position of General Controller in Cancun, which I gladly accepted.

When did your interest in the hotel industry begin?

Actually it was not a direct choice. I received the job offer while I was working at a private accounting firm, and due to the prestige of the Sheraton name and brand in those days, my interest came immediately, and that is how I decided to start working in this industry.

What does it mean to be in your position at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

For me, this group, Tafer group, represents a big challenge personally and professionally. There are not many resorts or groups like this one, with the same hybrid structure in many ways.

It is also a big responsibility to develop this position, since it has a direct impact on the financial results of the company.

What does Cancun mean for you?

Well, Cancun is an emblematic tourism destination around the world. The level of competition creates a lot of growth opportunities, and as a consequence, impact or personal and professional growth.

What inspired you to come to work at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

The idea of having a new challenge in my life, and knowing that the hotel was in Cancun inspired me to make the decision.

I have had the opportunity to experience different types of resorts, and one thing that caught my attention from the beginning is the investment this company makes in keeping the property in good shape. I can tell you this is something that you rarely see in this industry.