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Take a Bite! Meet Chef Angel Guillermo Caamal

Better known amongst his friends and family as simply Angel Chulim, Chef Angel Guillermo Caamal is the chef in charge of the resort’s favorite snack restaurant, Bite Bar.

He is the man that attends to your hunger cravings after a hard morning at the beach or following an invigorating water volleyball class in the main pool. Originally from the town of Valladolid about an hour from Cancun, our talented chef is local to the Yucatan Peninsula and he certainly knows how to tempt your taste buds. Spend some time getting to know him a little better in this short interview.


How long have you lived in Cancun?

I have been living in Cancun for quite a long time, about 28 years to be exact; and I am pleased to say they have been years full of pleasant experiences and emotions, which I hope will continue for more years to come. I came to Cancun with my parents when I was still a child, and I am grateful for the move. While I love and miss Valladolid, Cancun is full of opportunities for both professional and personal growth.

When did your passion for cuisine begin?

I started working when I was 18 and my first job was as a kitchen assistant.  Now I know just how important this was; starting at the bottom you are in a better position to learn all the stages of preparing great meals. However, it was working in a bakery that sparked my interest in learning more about gastronomy in all areas.  I can also say that customer service was something that attracted me from a very young age.

What is your specialty?

Well, at the Bite Bar, the concept is quality snacks, where we try to fully satisfy our clients with a quick service without affecting quality and creativity. This is my specialty. Many people think it is easy but actually it is quite difficult to achieve. You have to always be looking for ways to bring together the Mexican and American flavors in a unique and delicious way, allowing for innovation. I love putting my own touch on traditional “fast food” recipes.

Were there a lot of fast food restaurants in the town where you grew up?

No, not really. Where I am from I grew up with traditional Yucatecan food, which is delicious. Yucatecan cuisine is rich in diversity and flavor, for example dishes like Poc Chuc (pork dish in citrus marinade cooked over a grill), Relleno Negro (turkey stew in black broth) and Cochinita Pibil (slow-roasted pork).


What does it feel like to be in charge of the Bite Bar?

I feel very proud to run this important restaurant, serving people who arrive to sit and eat as well as those who wish to order snacks by the pools. It is a great responsibility. As a professional chef, I take great care to select only the best ingredients. Although it is an “American style” restaurant, focussing on popular fast food and snacks, that does not mean we scrimp on quality. On the contrary, we make sure our dishes are served to the highest standards.

What’s new on the menu?

I love your question! It is going to be a menu specifically designed for our members and guest, we want to make them feel at home. Our new menu will continue to showcase dishes that you would expect to find in the United States and Canada, as well as include delicious ceviches, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads.(Click here to find out more about the new menu at Bite Bar.)

Where do you like to dine?

Personally, I like to eat traditional food from the region, like the dishes I mentioned earlier. I really enjoy homemade flavors.


How do you keep yourself fit and healthy?

I consider myself a healthy person, with good habits. I like playing sports, going to the gym and taking time out to relax. I am also pretty disciplined when it comes to my diet.