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Your Manager on Duty, Natalia Acosta

Meet Natalia Acosta the Manager on Duty at Villa del Palmar Cancun. Originally from Jalapa, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico where she grew up surrounded by beautiful forests, she has spent the last six years living in Cancun, devoting her time to making sure that members and guests at Villa del Palmar Cancun enjoy the best vacations ever.


Read what Natalia had to say in our recent interview:

What would you like our members to know about you?

I feel very lucky to be someone who is fortunate enough to enjoy excellent service, both providing it and receiving it. Over the years I have become very observant, constantly trying to anticipate what our members are looking for and what they expect.
I am really happy to have found a career choice that is fulfilling, where I can keep perfecting my skills and honing my understanding of the ever changing face of the hospitality industry by being in direct contact with our members and guests. I love being part of innovating service culture.


natalia-acostaWhere did your passion for hospitality begin?

Without a doubt, I have had this drive since childhood. My parents worked in an English school and I would be there taking calls and attending the students. Most people are really surprised to hear that I have been immersed in the service industry since I was 12 years old. I have always loved working in customer service and hospitality. I really enjoy being part of creating amazing experiences and making sure people’s needs are met, always striving to exceed expectations.


How does it feel to be the Manager On Duty (MOD) of such a big hotel like Villa del Palmar Cancun?

It is very rewarding. Every achievement, each happy guest, all the wonderful moments I share with each family contributing to their memories of Cancun brings me great satisfaction. My job is what motivates me, and every day I strive to give my best to ensure that the operation of the hotel runs smoothly and our members and guests are happy.

What would you recommend to guests when they visit Cancun?

Relax and enjoy! Surrounded by forest, mangroves and stunning beaches, Cancun is one of the most recognized tourist destinations in Mexico, if not the world. Cancun has so much to offer, and whatever you decide to do, you will have unforgettable vacations. You can enjoy many day tours, visit archaeological sites of interest and enjoy the beaches. At the resort, I would definitely recommend the Village Spa for some expert pampering.


How do you turn experiences into extraordinary nataliaexperiences for members?

At Villa del Palmar Cancun, my first mantra is to “fulfil all the necessities and look after the details!” but what I think really makes extraordinary experiences is providing personalized service that is delivered with passion, dedication and commitment. I always try to look at our resort from the point of view of our members and guests. Extraordinary experiences are often made from those “wow” moments, like when you can anticipate what the guest needs before they even need to ask. I always try to remember the Chinese proverb: “He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left” and make sure that our guests leave with that wow factor.

What inspired you to come to work at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

It is an opportunity to start from scratch doing what I like, providing quality service and to continue to develop professionally, sharing all of my experience. I also believe that it is important to have QWL (Quality of work life), which I have found here, and I am inspired by the vision of the resort both in its commitment to its staff as well as its commitment to providing long lasting extraordinary experiences for everyone who comes through its doors.