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Your New General Manager: Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa is proud to announce that Juan Carlos Gonzalez has taken the lead as General Manager of the Cancun resort. The father of two shares with us his vision for the future of the resort and reveals the leadership qualities that make him perfect for this prestigious role.


What career path did you take to become General Manager at Villa del Palmar Cancun?

My professional career began in 2004 when I started working in a warehouse in Puerto Vallarta in the buying department. I was promoted quickly within the company and as the company grew, I grew too, becoming the manager of the department for the whole region. Subsequently, I was invited to join the team who were developing the Villa del Palmar Cancun resort, where I was involved in the opening of the property.  It was at this point that I became intimately involved in the operational side of the hospitality industry and became passionate about having the opportunity to use my management skills in this area. As such, I took the challenge to gain experience in as many different areas as I could, from Rooms Division Manager to Food and Beverage Manager to Resident Manager, with the aim of gaining a more comprehensive view of how the hotel operates on a day to day basis.

We hear you are a family man. How does that help your role as manager?

Yes, I am. Family is very important to me. I believe that within the working environment, it is important to create a friendly atmosphere for our employees as well as our members and guests. My tendency as a manager is to create that all-essential team spirit, where we are like a family, where the goal is for everyone to enjoy a pleasant work environment and feel as if they are at home, a place where they feel proud to belong. As a result, this sense of family overflows into our commitment to our members, whom we receive as though they have come home each and every time they arrive.


What characteristics define you as leader?

I believe the characteristic that most defines me as a leader is my capacity to develop relationships with people. I am very empathetic, and my communication skills aid me in all areas of the organization. My openness provides security for our staff members, and creates an environment where they feel they will be heard. As a result of having worked in various departments over a number of years at Villa del Palmar Cancun, I have developed strong ties with many colleagues in all of the departments, which means there is a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration as we work towards the common goal of making the hotel better than ever.


What do you hope to bring to this important position?

My main focus is on people, to create a pleasant work environment focused on discipline—self-discipline—where staff members take responsibility for themselves to focus on our goals as a resort. It is my intention to empower staff to always search for ways to improve.


On another note, I want to continue to raise the bar for the physical condition of the resort, making sure our members and guests enjoy the installations in their optimum state for comfort and safety.

What is your vision for Villa del Palmar Cancun for 2017 and 2018?

Currently, my vision is to ensure that the resort earns its place as one of the most renowned and celebrated properties in the area. That it is regarded as a resort dedicated to creating memorable and quality experiences for its members and guests. I want it to be seen as the resort where people are made to feel special, where they become part of a unique experience, enjoying the highest standards of hospitality.


How can members contact you?

I am always available and members can ask one of the concierge team to contact me; and I make a point of walking around the resort so that I can have contact with members and see for myself how the property is running.  I want to speak to our members and receive their feedback directly, as it is they who experience the services first-hand. Our goal is to be the family you have far away from home, so that every time you visit we become part of making your experiences memorable. I am also regularly at the Member’s Cocktail Reception.



What motivates you when you wake up and start a new day?

I am motivated by the challenge of being a guide for many people, leading the team with whom I work every day. I want to contribute to my team’s development, to the career paths of each and every member of staff, where customer services and creating extraordinary experiences lies at the heart of everything we do.  Another factor that motivates me is knowing that in my position I have the opportunity serve, to meet new people and make bonds with our members that can last a lifetime.